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Job Description

The essential functions of the Delivery Driver position are to:
Pickup soiled linens and deliver freshly laundered linens to the companys customers. Customers include, but are not limited to surgery centers, elderly care facilities, and other health services providers.
Pickup bio-waste materials for disposal.
Pickup paper records and documents for shredding.
Required: High school diploma or equivalent.
Preferred: Any course work at a recognized educational or training institution.
Required: A valid Maryland drivers license with a driving record that is acceptable to the companys insurance carrier and a DOT issued medical card. A CDL license is not required.
Preferred: Any certification from a recognized educational or training institution.
Required: The Delivery Driver position requires experience driving a 24 foot diesel box truck or similar (CDL license is not required).
Preferred: Extensive experience making deliveries in a similar delivery vehicle and/or experience making deliveries to medical facilities.
Must be able to establish and maintain healthy business relationships with customers and other employees. Must be able to present a professional image to customers and interact appropriately with customers.
Must be able to identify, understand, and meet the needs of BioMedical Recovery Systems customers pertaining to the quality and timing of the services being provided. Customers include medical facilities such as surgical centers, elderly care facilities, hospice facilities, and similar facilities.
Must have skills necessary for working independently including, but not limited to:
Planning skills.
Decision making skills.
Problem solving skills.
Conflict resolution skills.
Communication skills. Must be able to work effectively, efficiently, and productively when working independently. Deliveries are time sensitive and must be completed as routed and assigned each and every day.
Must be able to understand written and verbal instructions and complete assigned tasks in full compliance with those instructions.
Must have the ability to understand all requirements for documentation and record keeping and assure that all documentation and record keeping requirements are met. Must be computer literate and capable of performing simple data entry procedures for documenting task completion.
MOBILITY: The Delivery Driver must have sufficient mobility to access all areas of the company production area, warehouse, and offices without assistance. Similarly, the Delivery Driver must have sufficient mobility to travel to customer locations and access any necessary areas of those locations.
MATHEMATICAL: Must be able to correctly perform routine basic mathematical calculations (add, subtract, multiply, divide, fractions, decimals, ratios, etc.).
LANGUAGE: Must be able to communicate effectively in English both written and verbal. Effective communications with customer representatives is essential.
Responsible for presenting a positive and professional image for the company in all dealings with customers and other employees. Maintains a well-groomed, professional appearance appropriate for the position and business environment. The Delivery Driver must be properly attired in the standard company uniform when delivering to customers; the standard company uniform consists of a company supplied logoed shirt, khaki pants (khaki shorts in hot weather) and appropriate work shoes.
Responsible for safely, correctly, promptly, and productively completing all tasks and duties assigned by the Operations Manager. For routine delivery routes, this includes, but is not limited to:
Loading in preparation for the delivery route:
Obtain the assigned route sheet and all related manifests and review.
Perform a routine inspection of the truck to assure it is clean, that observable safety features (i.e. tail lights and similar) are functioning correctly, and check all fluid levels (fuel, oil, water, etc.) on the truck. The company pre-route checklist identifies all required truck inspection items and must be completed and submitted to the office prior to departure.
Load all of the freshly laundered linens for each customer on the assigned route onto the delivery truck based on the assigned route sheet and manifests; the loading order should be based on ease and efficiency of accessing the items needed at each stop.

For customers that have requested a document shredding pick-up, the Delivery Driver must load a lockable shredding bin for transporting the materials for shredding back to the company facility.
Load all other materials onto the truck that may be needed while making routine deliveries (i.e. empty bio-hazard boxes, empty hamper bags, etc.).
Driving the route:
The Delivery Driver is normally expected to make the required delivery stops in the order listed; however, the Delivery Driver is expected to use good judgement and deviate from the route sheet when it will improve productivity while still meeting all customer needs, and/or when instructed to do so by the office to handle unanticipated customer requests.
Delivering to the customers:
Unload all linens for that customer and properly store them in the linen closet or other designated area of the customer facility.
Remove all soiled linens from the customers facility along with the hamper bags that were used to collect those soiled linens and load them onto the truck. Verify that the dirty laundry room and all hamper stands have been checked and the soiled linens collected. All soiled linens must be segregated and identified by customer on the truck and when unloaded at the company facility.
For bio-hazard removal customers, remove all bio-hazard materials and load them onto the truck. These bio-hazard materials should be in special boxes supplied by BioMedical Recovery Systems and should be sealed; however, if they are not sealed, the Delivery Driver is required to seal them before handling them; under no circumstances should the Delivery Driver handle the contents of the bio-hazard boxes. Record the count of boxes picked up on the route sheet and manifest; indicate if any of the boxes are over-weight (over 40 pounds). Leave empty bio-hazard collection boxes with the customer.
If the route sheet indicates a shredding pick-up, the Delivery Driver is required to take an empty lockable shredding bin into the customer facility, unlock the customers collection bin, remove the interior collection bag, replace the collection bag with an empty and relock the customers collection bin, place the full bag into the lockable transport bin, lock it, and load it onto the truck. Record the pickup on the appropriate manifest and on the route sheet.
Obtain a signature from the customers representative on each applicable manifest (one manifest for linen delivery and a separate manifest for other services) verifying that all required services have been performed. The number of boxes of bio-hazard material removed must be written on the manifest and any over-weight boxes (over 40 pounds) must be identified separately.
Unloading at the company facility:
Unload all soiled linens by customer, weigh them, record the weight on the route sheet, and store the carts/bins containing the soiled linens in the sorting area for processing; all carts and bins of soiled linens must be segregated by customer and clearly identified by placing a tag with the customer identification on each cart or bin.
Unload any biohazard material boxes picked up on the route and store them in the designated area for future transport to the destruction facility.
Unload any shredding bins picked up on the route and store them in the designated area for future shredding.
Responsible for assuring completion of all customer orders scheduled and routed each and every day even if extended hours are required.
Responsible for handling day-to-day problems and issues as they arise, whatever they may be, and/or seeking assistance from other company staff to resolve the issue(s) at hand. The Operations Manager is the primary resource available to the Delivery Driver for assistance in handling customer issues. The Delivery Driver is required to report all issues raised by customers even if they resolve the issues without needing to consult with any other resources so that management is at least aware that an issue occurred.
Infrequently, and only when assigned, the Delivery Driver is responsible for transporting bio-hazard waste from the company facility to the city incinerator for destruction. This includes loading, unloading, and obtaining necessary paperwork and documentation of the materials taken to the incinerator.
Responsible for protecting the assets of the company and making prudent decisions to mitigate any and all risks that threaten the assets; this includes, but is not limited to, the security of all customer materials and company equipment, vehicles, tools, and materials both during the delivery process and at the companys facility.
Responsible for strict adherence to all company and delivery function rules, policies, and procedures.
Responsible for strict adherence to any and all special customer requirements; any special requirements will be communicated in writing to the Delivery Driver on the route sheet and manifests provided. Additionally, a Customer Route Book with customer specific instructions for delivering to each of the companys customers is permanently placed in each company truck for reference.
Responsible for strict adherence to all safety requirements and for working safely at all times to assure their own safety as well as anyone else that may be in or near the work site. This includes, but is not limited to:
Participating in all company required and provided training (both initial training and on-going skill development) to be in compliance with all regulatory, industry, and company requirements.
Strict adherence to all safety procedures and rules established for the company and/or required by regulatory agencies (i.e. OSHA).
Strict adherence to all traffic and driving laws at all times. Payment of any citations and fines resulting from traffic violations are the drivers responsibility.
Attendance at all required safety meetings.
Working in a manner that complies with all safety procedures and practices and in a manner that minimizes the likelihood of injury. Also responsible for immediately reporting any injury or near miss that does occur to management so that preventive corrective action can be taken.
Responsible for maintaining a valid Maryland drivers license and notifying the Operations Manager of any and all accidents or traffic citations (whether in the company truck or in a personal vehicle on personal time) that could result in license suspension. Under no circumstances can a Delivery Driver continue driving with a suspended license.
Responsible for assuring that all necessary and required paperwork and documentation is properly, correctly, and promptly (daily at the end of the shift) submitted both for internal company recordkeeping and for documentation required for customer invoicing. This includes, but is not limited to:
Signed manifests for all deliveries.
Fully completed route sheet with all quantity fields filled in and all mileage recorded.
Any and all receipts for fuel purchases or any other purchases on the company credit card.
Performs all duties in a manner that is personally cooperative and supportive of all other members of the company team.
Responsible for performing all duties and tasks with full compliance to all laws, statutes, regulations, and guidelines issued by federal, state, and local governments and agencies and performing all duties and tasks in an ethical, legal, and businesslike manner.
Responsible for attending company and delivery function meetings as required.
Whenever necessary, the Delivery Driver may be assigned to perform tasks and duties normally performed by other positions. In these situations, the Delivery Driver must perform these duties professionally and with strict adherence to the same procedures and guidelines that the other employees are required to follow.
All other duties and tasks as may be necessary to achieve company goals and objectives or as may be directed from time to time by the Operations Manager.
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